Professional Services Assistance

  • Due Diligence Assessment of bank portfolios for bidding purposes. Negotiation of Asset Sale terms and closings.
  • Work-Out / Resolution Strategy formulation for investor purchased bank debt.
  • Work-Out Management for small, federally insured institutions with a growing volume of problem credits and limited or inexperienced staff.
  • On-going Portfolio Management for both troubled credits and less-strained loan assets.
  • Evaluate terms of both note and hard asset sales to maximize values such as price, due diligence terms and timing, refundability and seller financing.
  • Portfolio Management of bulk loan purchases or individual loan purchases from acquired troubled portfolios.
  • Assist Governmental Agencies analyze their asset acquired portfolios for valuation and determine scenarios for disposition.
  • Manage, reposition and/or operate real estate assets for short term hold.
  • Assist in the sale of assets to investors through brokerage or through direct application.
  • Consider various sales strategies such as bulk sales, sealed bids and auctions.
  • Screen and evaluate potential buyers to select the most qualified with the highest probability of closing at the highest price.
  • Sub-contractor in various trades to prime contractors.
  • Provide a complete range of construction services.