Cynthia Hedrick

Ms. Hedrick has over 24 years of real estate experience including large scale land development, homebuilding and rental properties. Ms. Hedrick has extensive experience in building and leading corporate finance, treasury, accounting, tax, and information system functions.

Ms Hedrick’s tenure with American Community Properties Trust and its predecessors spanned from 1984-2008. During this time, Ms. Hedrick served in various positions ranging from Director of Internal Audit to Chief Financial Officer.   Ms. Hedrick is a proven leader of change, demonstrated through multiple IPOs, corporate restructures, process reengineering and multiple information system conversions that resulted in more efficient and cost effective operations and improved investor returns. Ms. Hedrick has advanced analytical skills and extensive experience with SEC requirements, SOX 404, government programs for subsidized housing, multilevel tax preparation, internal and external reporting, investor relations, financial agreement negotiations, debt compliance, risk management, human relations and employee benefits, budgeting, strategic and tactical business plans, and information system oversight.

Prior to American Community Properties Trust, Ms. Hedrick served as staff and senior accountant with a regional accounting firm in southern California providing audit, accounting and tax services.

Ms Hedrick graduated from California State University, San Bernardino and received an award of High Distinction from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants for her outstanding performance on the national CPA exam.  Ms. Hedrick has served on the Board of Directors of various local non-profit agencies.